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Want to stop losing applicants and build your perfect team? Harness the power of the Internet and digital marketing with our recruitment marketing software.

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Turn Job Seekers into Applicants with 3 Products by Talenteria:

3 Products by Talenteria
Career site

A company career site is the starting point of most candidates’ journeys. Build a beautiful, branded career site in hours, and be sure it’s 100% mobile-friendly and SEO-ready.

Recruiting microsites/landing pages

Create career pages for different job openings, teams, or locations for a more targeted candidate experience.

Internal talent marketplace

Start the search for talents within your organization - launch the internal job portal and create new career opportunities for your employees.

Build Stunning Career Pages

Create an impressive candidate experience and promote your employer brand.

Launch impressive career pages

Create career sites and landing pages that have a unique look for your organization and follow best practices.

Promote employer brand

Showcase your employer brand to prove yourself as the right place to work.

Attract more candidates

Broadcast job openings, source candidates, and build talent pools to fill vacancies faster.

Create an outstanding candidate experience

Attract top talents with simple to use, mobile-ready career pages, and application forms.

Reduce time and cost of hire

Save on talent acquisition costs without sacrificing the quality of hire.

Analyze performance

Analyze real-time data, make better strategic decisions, and improve your hiring process via Talenteria recruiting software.

Some Awesome Career Pages Built with Talenteria

Here's How It Works

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Create perfect career sites

Recent surveys from Glassdoor confirm that job seekers value company culture more than competitive salaries. Today, talented candidates want to be a part of something bigger than just cozy office spaces! This is why your website’s career page must go beyond a job publishing area – it has to reflect the cultural values of your organization, demonstrate its diversity and integrity, tell the employer brand’s story, and - in the end - encourage potential talent to become a part of it.

Miss Zero Candidates

Did you know how many job seekers prefer to browse jobs on mobile devices? How about that a whopping 65% of candidates won’t even start filling in the application form unless your career site is mobile-friendly? In 2021, to attract top talent, you must create a robust, simple-to-use, and mobile-ready career portal that will guide applicants right to the “Submit” button.

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Help Candidates Choose Your Company

More than half of organizations worldwide already use different elements of recruitment marketing and hiring tools. Engage more candidates with a wide range of marketing activities: from employee brand promotion to candidate generation and email marketing. Use the power of digital marketing to boost your hiring process and take your recruiting to the next level.

Broadcast Job Openings

Be more proactive in your recruiting – create a job page once, and promote it to a wide range of job boards (including premium ones), social media, and niche career blogs in just a few clicks. ] Your SEO-friendly career site will do the rest, engaging candidates who are looking for jobs through search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Build your talent network in minutes - HR recruitment software makes it easier than ever!

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

“Do – analyze – improve – repeat” is an eternal circle that guarantees success for any business process, including hiring. With Talenteria hiring software, you can analyze your career site’s performance, generate recruitment-related reports, visualize data for your team, and make better hiring strategies for your future.

Seamless Integration with your ATS

Get the benefits of Talenteria without replacing your existing ATS or recruiting software. Our recruitment marketing software can be easily integrated with most existing systems for importing job openings and candidate application feeds.

Start turning job seekers into applicants today!