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Hi, I am Talenteria, your Recruitment Copilot powered by Generative AI

Let me showcase how I can help you with your talent acquisition.

The intelligent scoring system will parse and rank resumes for you, removing bias and uncovering top talent efficiently

Hiring team’s efficiency, outstanding candidate experience, and unbiased evaluation with AI-led screening interviews

Our AI-powered recruitment chatbot will support and engage candidates 24/7 saving your valuable time.

Talenteria AI will create engaging job descriptions, personalized outreach messages, career pages and interview questions

Supercharge your talent acquisition with our AI-driven candidate matching and sourcing, enabling you to utilize your talent pools and discover the perfect candidates faster.

Our Career Sites and Candidate Portal will make a great first impression and help hire faster with an outstanding candidate experience

AI Recruiting Software

AI Resume Screening and Matching

Accelerate your hiring with fewer efforts using our AI-powered resume screening and ranking technology, designed to identify top candidates at lightning speed.

  • AI scoring and screening based on candidate experience, skills, and education
  • Automated resume parsing in multiple languages 
  • Matching candidates from talent pools to open jobs
AI Video Interviews

Hiring team’s efficiency, outstanding candidate experience, and unbiased evaluation with AI-led screening interviews

  • AI-Assisted Interview Preparation
  • On-demand AI-Driven Video Interviews conducted 24/7
  • AI-generated Feedback and Candidate Shortlisting
Conversational AI Recruitment Chatbot

Let our AI-powered recruitment chatbot support and engage candidates 24/7 and save your time for important tasks.   

  • Utilize integration with OpenAI / ChatGPT for smooth human-style conversation  
  • Train chatbot with your own data and customize Frequently Asked Questions   
  • Get a multilingual bot speaking 12 languages
AI Sourcing and Matching

Supercharge your talent acquisition with our AI-driven candidate matching and sourcing, enabling you to utilize your talent pools and discover the perfect candidates faster.

  • Automated AI search in the internal talent pools
  • AI recommendations based on skills, experience and education
  • Engaging outreach emails to the best candidates
AI Content Generator for your recruitment tasks

Experience the future of recruitment marketing with our AI-powered content generator, effortlessly creating compelling and personalized content 

  • Generate engaging job descriptions and career sites
  • Create personalizing candidate emails
  • Get interview questions for any role in seconds

Why Talenteria?

Gain a competitive edge in recruitment with Talenteria AI hiring software

Empower your recruitment with AI

Integrated with OpenAI / ChatGPT recruitment chatbot, candidate screening and scoring, generating job descriptions, candidate emails, and career site content

Reduce time and cost of hire

Talenteria's AI-powered features, such as resume parsing, candidate scoring, and automated interview scheduling, significantly reduce manual tasks and streamline the hiring process.

Eliminate bias

AI in Talenteria helps remove unconscious bias from the candidate selection process, promoting diversity and inclusion by focusing solely on qualifications and skills.

Create an outstanding candidate experience

Build a smooth candidate journey and ensure the efficiency of each candidate touchpoint with AI recruiting software

Create recruitment content with ease

The AI-driven recruitment content generation feature empowers recruiters to create compelling and personalized job descriptions effortlessly. 

Promote employer brand

Showcase your employer brand to prove yourself as the right place to work with AI-powered Career sites and pages

Here’s what our customers say

Talenteria has significantly improved our hiring process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. The platform is incredibly easy to use and has helped us provide a better candidate experience.
Maria Apostolova
Maria Apostolova
CEO , Dyneria

Here's How It Works

Create a New Job

Start by defining the job role within Talenteria's intuitive platform. Simply input key details such as job title, description, qualifications, and location. Talenteria streamlines this process, ensuring your job posting is comprehensive and ready to attract top talent.

Screen and Score Resumes

Efficiently manage incoming applications with Talenteria's automated screening and scoring system. Our technology evaluates resumes based on predefined criteria, helping you quickly identify the most promising candidates and streamline the initial selection process.

Conduct AI Interviews

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to conduct initial interviews. Talenteria's AI-driven Video Interview module asks relevant questions based on the job requirements and evaluates responses in real-time, providing you with insightful analytics to aid in your decision-making.

Source Candidates with AI Smart Search

Utilize AI Smart Search to find the best candidates in your own database. This tool scours your talent pools to match potential candidates with your job criteria, enhancing your recruitment reach and efficiency.

Launch Candidate Portal

Empower candidates by launching a dedicated portal where they can apply, track their application status, and receive updates. This portal fosters a transparent and engaging experience, improving candidate relations and keeping them informed throughout the recruitment process.

Integrate with Your ATS

Seamlessly integrate Talenteria with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to enhance your recruitment workflow. This integration allows for a unified platform where all candidate information and communications are centralized, facilitating better coordination and efficiency.

Empower your Recruitment with Generative AI!