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Connecting companies to the talent they need with AI

Talenteria is an AI-powered recruiting and candidate experience software integrated with OpenAI / ChatGPT.

About Talenteria

Our mission

Talenteria is a tool that leads to the best hiring decisions, building successful teams and promoting company culture. We take advantage of the latest media trends, to create eye-catching career sites that showcase company identity and attract the right talent - without any help from a developer. Talenteria is a key solution for proactive recruiting, that helps companies recruit smarter, spending less time and money at all stages of the recruitment funnel.


Talenteria was founded from the success of the only all-in-one HCM system for medium and large businesses - Lanteria HR. You won’t find a better HRMS, and over 200K users in 40+ countries all over the world agree!

That’s why we decided to put all years of expertise to good use and expand our product line. One major thing we learned since 2006 (when Lanteria HR was released), is that hiring the right people is the key to success for any business and finding good candidates that are qualified and a good fit is one of the most challenging aspects the HR department has to manage.

With that in mind our team of engineers, armed with the latest technology, are ready to take Recruiting to a whole new level!

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