Candidate Journey

Gareth is a technical support engineer, who is not actively looking for a job but may consider exciting career opportunities. 

Candidate Journey

According to surveys, 65% of candidates may drop out of the application process because of poor communication and experience. Create an amazing candidate journey and hire the best talents!

Career Site

Gareth found the website of ACME Inc, a software vendor, and opened their career site. He was excited to discover that ACME has recently launched a new product within his area of expertise and currently hiring. 

Gareth had a few questions about working conditions, and ACME's Recruiting Chatbot could answer them immediately. 

Job Search and Application

Gareth opened the page with the current job openings and easily found jobs matching his profile in the city he lives. Just with a few clicks, he filled out and submitted an application form right from his mobile.

Candidate Portal

After a minute, Gareth received an automated email with a brief outline of the ACME hiring process. The email also contained a login to the Candidate Portal, where he can track the status of his application as well as communicate with the recruiting team. 


The next day Gareth got an invitation for an online interview. He was pleased to view the available time slots for an interview on the Candidate Portal and choose the one, which worked for his schedule. It was automatically added to his calendar with the link to the online meeting. 

Job Offer

A few days later, Gareth got an email with a job offer from ACME Inc. After reading the job offer online on the Candidate Portal, Gareth decided to accept it. He just asked a few questions via built-in messenger and signed the job offer electronically. 

Gareth has joined ACME technical team and got his dream job! 

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