Hiring Manager Journey

Amanda is the Hiring Manager at ACME Inc., who has recently joined the company. The ACME CEO has shared with her the strategic company goals, one being a need for new employees to be hired.

Candidate experience is a key part of the hiring process. Transform the way your hire with our candidate-first recruiting software.

Promoting Employer Brand: The New Corporate Career Site

Amanda was always a firm believer in the power of the first impression. She knew that their corporate career site was the first point of contact for many potential candidates. When introduced to Talenteria, she marveled at how the AI software effortlessly integrated with the existing brand image, creating a seamless, modern, and engaging career site. The new site reflected ACME's ethos, attracting candidates who were not just looking for a job, but a culture fit.

AI Scoring

Team Efficiency: AI-Powered Resume Screening

Amanda's team used to spend hours, if not days, meticulously going through stacks of resumes. But with Talenteria's AI resume screening, the software quickly shortlisted the most relevant candidates by matching skill sets, experience, and even cultural fit. This not only increased the team’s efficiency but also ensured that no deserving candidate was overlooked.

Seamless Engagement: The Advent of the Recruitment Chatbot

While the self-service portal was a hit, Amanda wanted to further streamline the initial engagement process. Talenteria’s recruitment chatbot was the answer. Acting as the first line of communication, it interacted with potential candidates, answering questions, guiding them through the application process, and even gauging their interest and qualifications. The bot, with its prompt responses, left candidates impressed and engaged.

Faster Hiring: Creating AI-Enhanced Talent Pools

Instead of starting from scratch for every new position, Amanda utilized Talenteria to build talent pools using AI. The software analyzed previous applicants, gauged their skills, and grouped them accordingly. So, when a new position opened up, Amanda already had a curated list of potential candidates to tap into.

Enhancing Candidate Experience: The Self-Service Portal

Previously, candidates often reached out to Amanda's team with queries regarding their applications or the recruitment process. With Talenteria’s self-service portal, candidates now had access to real-time updates, FAQs, and more, all in one centralized platform. The result? A significant drop in routine queries, and an increase in candidate satisfaction.


Digital Hiring: The Introduction of Recruiting Microsites

With varied roles in ACME Inc., Amanda felt the need for dedicated recruitment drives for specific departments. Using Talenteria, she launched recruiting microsites – niche platforms tailored for specific hiring campaigns, like tech or sales. These sites allowed for focused branding and targeted messaging, attracting a more refined set of candidates.

Informed Strategy: Gleaning Insights from Data Analytics

For Amanda, the true power of Talenteria lay in its ability to provide actionable insights. The software presented detailed analytics on various recruitment metrics, from the efficiency of different hiring channels to the average time taken to close a position. Armed with this data, Amanda could make informed decisions, refining ACME's recruitment strategy for optimal results.