Hiring Manager Journey

Amanda is the Hiring Manager at ACME Inc., who has recently joined the company. The ACME CEO has shared with her the strategic company goals, one being a need for new employees to be hired. 

Hiring Manager Journey

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Launching new corporate Career Sites 

Amanda decided to launch a new career site to support the main recruiting campaigns and a dedicated career page for the ACME Internship program. Since ACME was using Talenteria, it took Amanda just a few hours to complete these tasks.

She was really excited to create pages and put all the content using Site Builder without any help from their IT team.

No waiting and immediate results! 

Setting up Online Application Forms 

ACME's recruitment needs included job openings from the Financial, IT, and Operations departments. Since the job profiles were different, they required diverse candidate details to be collected for each job opening. 

Thus Amanda had to create dedicated application forms to be used for different jobs. Previously, she relied on the IT department to create such forms, but it used to take weeks. 

However, with Talenteria she could utilize the visual Application Form Designer herself and after 30 minutes all the forms were ready to use. 

Launching Recruitment Chatbot 

Amanda has received multiple requests from her team, confirming that it takes a lot of their time to answer the typical candidate questions. Mainly they were related to the application process, general information about the company and employment details. 

Fortunately, Talenteria had a solution for that issue - an automated Recruitment Chatbot! It was specially designed to answer typical candidate questions and support them 24/7. 

Amanda and her team have put down the questions & answers, easily configured the chatbot, and launched it on the new career site. 

Building Talent Pools 

ACME's strategic plan included opening a new technical support department for its new product. At the moment the company was not ready to publish job openings, but Amanda decided to act proactively and start building up a talent pool for future hiring needs. 

With Talenteria she created a career page describing the new department and added an application form in order to engage people to apply for future positions. 

By the time the department started hiring, Amanda's team had already lined up a number of pre-qualified candidates. 

Analyzing Performance 

Though the new career site was performing quite well, Amanda was interested in deeper statistics of the hiring process. 

Utilizing Talenteria dashboards she could analyze exact figures of career site visitors and their conversion rates to candidates.  

Moreover, Amanda could report on each job opening, find out which ads didn't perform well enough and improve them. 

On the latest one-on-one meeting with the CEO, he was fully excited about the performance of Amanda and her team. All the hiring goals assigned to her were achieved!