Chatbot and Communication

Streamline the key aspects of candidates communication to speed up the hiring process and avoid candidate dissatisfaction. 

Chatbot and Communication

According to surveys, 65% of candidates may drop out from the application process because of poor communication. Considering that 72% used to share their negative experience with friends and colleagues, that may cause significant setbacks in your hiring. 

Talenteria will take care of all touchpoints between the candidates and your company

Candidate portal
Automated email communication
Conversational AI chatbot

AI Recruitment Chatbot

Let the recruitment chatbot answer candidate questions faster and save your time for important tasks. 

  • Utilize integration with OpenAI / ChatGPT for smooth human-style conversation  
  • Train chatbot with your own data and customize Frequently Asked Questions   
  • Launch a mobile-friendly chatbot widget on the career site
AI Recruitment Chatbot

Candidate Portal

Get candidates updated and let them communicate via the online candidate portal. 

  • Current application status 
  • Interview invitations and results 
  • Messages from recruiters and job recommendations 
Candidate Portal

Email Communication

Support the candidate journey with automated email communication with your candidates. 

  • Pre-defined templates and merge fields 
  • Direct emails from the system or your mailbox  
  • Entire email history in Talenteria CRM 
Email Communication
Deliver an outstanding candidate experience with Talenteria!