AI Resume Screening and Scoring

Save up to 75% of recruiters time and remove bias with AI-powered resume screening and scoring.

AI Screening
Say goodbye to manual sifting through countless resumes. Rather than just scanning for keywords, Talenteria AI resume screening delves into a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' qualifications and experience.
AI Scoring

AI Resume Screening

Statistically, 83% of resumes are disqualified during the initial screening. Let AI do the tedious job and focus on the best-fit candidates.

  • Parsing resumes in various formats and 12 languages
  • Matching candidates with job descriptions
  • Receiving applications from ATS, career site or file uploads
AI Scoring

Candidate Ranking and Scoring with AI

Support your hiring decisions with unbiased AI evaluations, scores and suggestions.

  • AI scoring based on candidate experience, qualifications and education
  • Customizable screening criteria and "knockout" questions
  • Contextual evaluation based on job requirements and responsibilities

Automated Rules and Integrations

Save time and automate your hiring process with flexible AI rules, allowing for customized evaluations that efficiently identify the best candidates for your organization.

  • Flexible rules based on AI score
  • Automated actions based on AI resume screening results
  • Integrations with your ATS and HR systems
Empower your Recruitment with Generative AI!