Recruiter Journey

Kevin is a recruiter at ACME Inc. The company has been growing, so they've started a new department—and Kevin was asked to find several technicians for the job under this new division.  He will use Talenteria Recruiting software, which was recently implemented in ACME Inc. 

Recruiter Journey

Recruiting automation saves more than 20% of a recruiter's time. Automate the interaction with candidates, from first impression to the job offer.

Publishing a Job Opening 

Kevin received a job description for the Technical Support Engineer role. He created a new job opening in the system and published it on the company career site using one of the pre-defined Job Page Templates. 

Receiving new Candidate Applications

The next day, Kevin received an email notification about new candidates who had applied for the role. After initial screening, he identified one candidate who met all of the qualification criteria. 

Kevin has shared the candidate's profile and CV with the department manager and got a confirmation to proceed with the next recruiting steps. 

Communicating with Candidates 

First of all, Kevin sent polite rejection emails to the candidates, which haven't passed the screening. Talenteria provides pre-defined Email Templates, so it takes just a minute. He included a couple of them in the Talent Pool to be potentially used for future job openings. 

After that, he sent a message to the approved candidate asking a few questions about the education described in the CV. 

Scheduling an Interview 

The department manager asked Kevin to schedule an online interview with the candidate and specified several options for the interview date and time. 

Fortunately, Talenteria has a self-schedule feature, so Kevin just sent an invitation with a link, where candidate can choose a date and time from the list of available time slots.  

No more annoying back-and-forth emails to agree an interview time! 

Sending a Job Offer 

The interview was conducted, and the system sent evaluation requests to all interviewers. After their feedback was collected and reviewed, the department manager decided to offer the candidate a job. 

Kevin was provided with the employment details and used one of the configured templates to generate a new job offer. With Talenteria candidates can view, accept and sign a job offer electronically. 

That was done by the candidate the next day. Kevin was really pleased with the recruiter experience and the time to hire a new team member!