Recruiter Journey

Kevin is a recruiter at ACME Inc. The company has been growing, so they've started a new department—and Kevin was asked to find several technicians for the job under this new division.  He will use Talenteria Recruiting software, which was recently implemented in ACME Inc. 

Recruiting automation saves more than 20% of a recruiter's time. Automate the interaction with candidates, from first impression to the job offer.

Generating Job Descriptions with AI 

Kevin received a request to find a new Technical Engineer for the support department. His initial task was to create a job description for a new role. Within a minute, Talenteria generated an engaging, precise, and comprehensive job description tailored to ACME's needs.

Kevin marveled at the precision and relevance, thinking about the countless hours it would save. 

AI Scoring

AI Resume Screening 

The applications began pouring in, and traditionally, Kevin would have to sift through hundreds of resumes, a daunting task that consumed days.

However, with Talenteria's AI resume screening feature, the software automatically ranked the candidates based on their relevance to the job profile. Kevin was presented with a curated list of top candidates, eliminating biases and drastically reducing the time spent on initial screening. The days of manual labor were truly behind him. 

Communicating with Candidates using Chatbot

Responding to queries from potential candidates was another time-consuming part of Kevin's role. This changed with Talenteria's AI-powered chatbot. The chatbot addressed common questions, collected necessary information, and even kept the candidates engaged with timely updates.

It provided a seamless experience for the candidates, and Kevin was able to focus more on strategic aspects of recruitment, rather than getting bogged down with routine queries. 

Sourcing from Internal Database with AI

Before moving forward, Kevin remembered ACME’s vast internal database of past applicants and dormant profiles. Could there be potential candidates hidden in there? Using Talenteria’s AI, Kevin probed the database. To his amazement, the software uncovered several potential fits, profiles that had gone unnoticed or forgotten. These gems were added to the shortlist, a testament to the power of using AI in recruitment.

Scheduling Interview with AI

In the past, coordinating interview timings between candidates and interviewers was a logistical challenge for Kevin. Mismatched schedules, last-minute cancellations, and time-zone differences often caused delays.

Enter Talenteria's AI scheduling tool: it automatically matched the availability of interviewers with candidates, even considering time-zone differences. The tool sent out invites, reminders, and rescheduled if needed. 

Sending a Job Offer 

With the final candidate selected, it was time for the most exciting part - extending the job offer. Talenteria streamlined this process, too. It generated a customized offer letter, keeping in mind ACME's guidelines and the candidate's negotiated terms. Once Kevin reviewed and approved, the software sent the offer electronically.

The candidate could accept and sign it right from the platform. When the candidate accepted, both Kevin and the hiring team were notified instantly, and the onboarding process began.