Meet your Recruitment AI Copilot

Hi, I am Talenteria, a recruitment copilot powered by Generative AI! 
Let me join your team to streamline the hiring process, remove bias and identify top talent efficiently.

AI Screening

AI Resume Screening and Scoring

Save up to 75% of recruiters time with AI-powered resume screening, enabling you to remove bias and identify the best-fit talent efficiently.

  • AI screening based on job description and candidate experience, skills and education
  • Automated resume parsing in multiple formats and languages
  • Job specific screening questions and rules

AI Video Interviews

Hiring team’s efficiency, outstanding candidate experience, and unbiased evaluation with AI-led screening interviews

  • AI-Assisted Interview Preparation
  • On-demand AI-Driven Video Interviews conducted 24/7
  • AI-generated Feedback and Candidate Shortlisting

Conversational AI Recruitment Chatbot

Let our AI-powered recruitment chatbot engage candidates, recommend open jobs and answer their questions 24/7 to save your time for essential tasks.   

  • Utilize integration with OpenAI / ChatGPT for smooth human-style conversation  
  • Train chatbot with your own data and customize Frequently Asked Questions   
  • Launch a mobile-friendly chatbot widget on the career site   

Candidate Matching and Sourcing with AI

Supercharge your talent acquisition with our AI-driven candidate matching and sourcing, enabling you to utilize your talent pools and discover the perfect candidates faster.

  • Automated AI search in the internal talent pools
  • AI recommendations based on skills, experience and education
  • Engaging outreach emails to the best candidates

AI Content Generator for your recruitment tasks

Experience the future of recruitment marketing with our AI-powered content generator, effortlessly creating compelling and personalized content 

  • Generate engaging job descriptions and career sites
  • Create personalizing candidate emails
  • Get interview questions for any role in seconds

Candidate Experience and Career Sites

Launch a stunning career site and candidate portal in hours with our easy-to-use site builder and deliver an outstanding candidate experience 

  • Empower candidates with the Self-Service Portal
  • Utilize pre-defined site templates and customize for your needs 
  • Get the recruitment analytics and measure your performance 

What our customers say

Talenteria has significantly improved our hiring process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. The platform is incredibly easy to use and has helped us provide a better candidate experience.
Maria Apostolova
CEO , Dyneria

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