Applicant Tracking

Empower your team with a collaborative applicant tracking system and streamline your recruiting process.

Applicant Tracking

Enhanced Candidate Profiles

All the information about each candidate is at your fingertips. Store candidate profiles, skillsets, and experience, and document them in the candidate database. Our applicant tracking software provides:
Searchable candidate database with configurable candidate fields
Automatic creation of candidates from your career site’s application form
Storage of candidates’ skills, documents and communication history

Collaborative and Configurable Recruitment Process

Set up job applicant tracking stages to fit your company recruiting process and workflow. Manage your candidate pipeline and do not miss any action. HR managers can receive:
Customizable applicant tracking statuses and stages
Collaborative candidate notes and comments
Email templates and automated communication

Interview Scheduling

Easily schedule interviews with self-scheduling options and capture interview results.
Interview calendar integrated with Outlook and Gmail
Remote interviews
Interview self-scheduling (coming soon)

Job Management

Create and manage all the jobs or import them from your HR system. Easily broadcast them to career sites with customizable landing pages. The job management features include:
Managing job openings with custom fields
Publishing to career sites
Getting analytical insights and job statistics

Boost your recruitment with Talenteria!