Internal Talent Marketplace

Find the best talent inside your organization and discover more career opportunities for your employees

The current workforce is a valuable candidate source with unique knowledge of your organization, its culture, and its processes. The managers have a constant need for skilled talent, and the employees are looking for new career opportunities. Launch an internal job portal, which will connect them together!

Your company’s talent marketplace will help:

Find talent within your organization and reduce the time of hire
Discover new career opportunities for the employees inside your organization
Improve employee retention and internal mobility

Internal Recruiting

Publish your job openings on the internal portal and share them with your employees and contractors.


Career Development

Stop losing the best talent to other companies! Discover the career opportunities inside your organization.

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Talent Marketplace

Talenteria’s built-in skill management helps link talent with new career opportunities that meet their profiles. Employees and contractors can easily find positions via easy-to-use self-services.

Deliver an outstanding candidate experience with Talenteria!