Recruiting Microsites

Boost your recruitment programs and campaigns with engaging microsites

Microsites guide
A recruiting microsite is a targeted site or landing page that refers to a specific department, location, featured job opening, or project (internship, academy, etc.). Talenteria will help you to build impressive recruiting microsites and landing pages to speed up your talent acquisition.

The main benefits and advantages of having microsites in addition to your global career site include:

Сontent is focused on a specific audience and recruiting needs
Better conversion from visitors to candidates due to targeted messages
More traffic from search engines and the ability to advertise on specific resources

Microsites for a Team or Location

Is a specific team or location in your company growing quicker than others? Create a microsite for its recruitment needs, including:

  • Benefits for joining this team or location
  • Current job openings
  • Ability to join a talent pool for the future recruitment
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Microsites for a Job Family

Does your company often need talents in a specific job family (sales, finance, IT, etc.)? To attract more candidates from a certain area, you need to have a site with specific content for this audience, such as:

  • Targeted content for the specific job family
  • Custom application forms, fields, and questions
  • Building a pool of candidates with required job profiles

Microsites for a Featured Job Opening

Are you searching for a person to hold a key position? Or do you need many people for a specific job? Converting a landing page or microsite for this job will help you achieve your goal.

  • Highlight benefits
  • Describe requirements and expectations
  • Share job opening microsites to social media

Microsites for a Recruitment Program

A growing company always has a need for talent. Are you opening a new location, launching an internal academy, starting an internship, or doing any other recruitment project?

Talenteria offers an easy and powerful tool to create and manage your recruitment microsites:

Intuitive site creation wizards
Pre-defined site and page templates
Customizable application forms
SEO and mobile-friendly sites to generate more traffic
Deliver an outstanding candidate experience with Talenteria!