The most in-demand jobs for 2020 (and for the future)

The labor market experiences dramatic growth every year. New professions arise, while others die out. It’s difficult to keep track of trends that change this rapidly. This makes predicting which jobs will be in demand in the near future difficult.  However, we can still analyze the market to see what jobs are in high demand right now.

Labor market changes

Learning about the most in-demand jobs in 2020 is useful to students that haven’t picked a university and to people who are thinking about getting a second degree or retraining.

Now, to find a job in demand, a specialist must have a large amount of knowledge and skills. The current market is very competitive, especially if you are looking for excellent working conditions.

The choice of a workplace is further complicated by the fact that in the context of global changes, any job can become irrelevant within just a few years or even disappear without a trace.

Probably the main trend driving changes in this niche is automation and robotization of production. People do less manual labor as we progress into the post-industrial society. They are being replaced by robots and machine tools that simplify all processes that would normally be done manually. The global technical development does not stand still and keeps bringing changes to our day-to-day lives. Moreover, it dictates the demand for laborers’ services.

Essential skills for getting trend jobs in 2020

No matter what profession you choose, you will find that each company has a set of requirements for knowledge, skills and personal qualities. If you possess them, you will not be left without work.

What personal competencies should a worker have to find jobs in high demand in 2020?

With the development of technology, the need for physical strength fades. Now the world needs specialists that are capable of original thought. According to employers, this quality helps the growth of almost any business. Such a person can bring something new to the company and their contribution can become the recipe for the business’s success.

Being aware of environmental concerns is also one of the major qualities for employees of any level. Due to global warming, massive pollution of water, air, and soil, any enterprise will be pleased with a specialist who thinks about the future of the planet.

Flexibility and adaptability. Specialists that are capable of molding themselves according to the situation are in great demand because new technologies arise all the time. Not everyone can master them and adjust to the constantly changing requirements of the hectic market. An employee that is capable of acquiring new essential skills is growing will have immense value.

The ability to work as part of a team. The service industry is gigantic and does not cease to expand, so the ability to work within a team is one of the crucial skills in a specialist for any position.

Another important skill is the ability to take responsibility and lead people. Team leaders, entrepreneurs and heads of departments are among the highest-paying positions and will never run out of work. Some people are gifted with the skill of leadership naturally, whereas others need to nurture and train this quality in themselves.

Multiculturalism and multilingualism allow professionals to collaborate with foreign businesses and make international deals. This important skill will help you find jobs in giant corporations operating in the global market.

Most in-demand jobs 2020

Let's take a look at the most needed jobs in 2020.

HR managers became a replacement for what we called “HR officers”. Their main duty is to shape the human resources of an organization. HR managers develop strategies for working with personnel and personnel policies, analyze human resources, determine the need for new staff, as well as help new employees adapt and establish relationships with the team.

This is a management position that requires high leadership qualities from the applicant and a responsible approach to the work performed.

Responsibilities of an HR manager:

  • Being in charge of the work process for all the employees;
  • Formation of the staff policy of the company;
  • Searching for the necessary staff, conducting interviews with applicants;
  • Organization of staff training and improvement of their qualifications;
  • Consultation of the heads of the company on all staff-related issues;


A good HR manager must have advanced communication skills. They must be able to engage with anyone they talk to, communicate information intelligibly and create the right working atmosphere in the team. An obligatory requirement for an HR manager is the knowledge of the legal framework and office work.

An HR manager is one of the most in-demand jobs in 2020, as company leaders are focused on improving their employees’ skills and re-profiling them, which cannot be done without an HR professional.

The sales manager is a specialist who is engaged in the sale of goods and services of a company and ensures an increase in the number of customers.

The responsibilities of a sales manager include:

  • Communication with customers;
  • Market control. A good sales manager always monitors the service market and adapts to its trends;
  • Paperwork. The sales specialist deals with a large amount of documentation: contracts, invoices, certifications, etc.

The profession of a sales manager is in demand, but when choosing this specialization, you must bear in mind that this job is only suitable for socially active people.

Employers usually set standard requirements for applicants: higher education (sometimes incomplete higher education is enough), professional knowledge of PC and basic programs, and sales experience. Depending on the specifics of the organization, knowledge of foreign languages and driver's license may be required.

Personal qualities include persuasiveness, purposefulness, resistance to stress, the ability to learn fast and process a large amount of information, as well as grammatically correct and sound speech.

The salary of a sales manager depends on many factors, the main being the specialist's ability to sell goods and services. Additionally, each company has its system of awards, bonuses, and incentives.

A creative designer is a profession that no machine can replace. People with a creative approach to work have always been highly valued in any industry.

So what makes a creative designer? This is a specialist that generates new unique ideas and implements them in printing products, outdoor, indoor, and online advertising, original logos, branding, and more. This profession is suitable for creative individuals who have a vivid imagination and are capable of multitasking.

In 2020, creative designers are especially in demand when it comes to the development of new devices and household appliances. The market is overflown by an endless variety of products - you can only draw attention to your brand with the help of a bright appearance and memorable advertising. This is the essence of the work of a creative designer.


The responsibilities of a creative designer include:

  • Generation of original ideas and their implementation to promote the company’s products;
  • Graphic design in the form of layouts, graphs, presentations, and collages;
  • Formation of branding and identity together with a team of marketers;


The profession of a creative designer often allows you to work remotely, which makes it possible to have a flexible schedule.

A creative designer is a well-paid job. If you succeed in this specialization, you can get fast career growth and a stable income. However, the competition for creative designer jobs is quite aggressive, and every novice specialist must have a solid portfolio to spark the employer’s interest.

Even the smallest of businesses require the services of IT specialists these days - no one is exempt from global digitalization.

The list of the most in-demand IT jobs 2020 includes the following professions:

  • System Architect;
  • Software developer;
  • Cybersecurity Specialist;
  • Web engineer;
  • System engineer;
  • System Administrator.


This type of activity requires not only perseverance, but also the ability to concentrate, learn, analyze, and find solutions to emerging problems. Moreover, any candidate for an IT job must speak technical English. This specialty is ideal for people with a mathematical or analytical mindset.

The teaching profession is as old as history itself. Naturally, it’s one of the most respected and in-demand occupations in the world. Today, it does not lose its relevance and is acquiring a new branch - coaching.

Coaching is a kind of consulting and training in the process of which the student gains new skills. Coaches are teachers who help one achieve clearly defined personal and professional goals. These professionals are in great demand in the labor market among large corporations for middle and senior managers.

Any company needs a PR manager to promote its services or products. The competitive advantage of a company and its unique product is a task for trained professionals This job is well-rewarded for those who succeed in the art of promoting.

New 2020 jobs related to nanotechnology and astronautics have appeared. However, it’s unlikely that they will become popular before these areas are studied more in-depth.