Recruitment Marketing: All you need to know about this hiring tool

 all you need to know about this new hiring tool

While the Recruitment Marketing concept becomes more and more popular, that is still quite a new initiative for many companies and recruiters.

Traditional marketing appeared when organizations realized: it is not enough to produce a product and try to sell it. But you need to understand the customer needs, deliver the right message, build a brand, and win in a competitive war.

Recruitment marketing arose with similar reasons. Its objectives are to build awareness and employer brand, promote jobs and their value, attract and engage the right candidates.

Every salesperson knows how vital marketing support is for sales success. Thus your hiring will be a lot more efficient and successful with well-implemented recruitment marketing.

To understand the recruitment marketing better, I’ve tried to break down:

  • The essential subjects and objects of traditional and recruitment marketing
  • Main activities and to-dos
  • The role of recruitment marketing software
Traditional MarketingRecruitment MarketingWhat to doSupport from recruitment software
CustomerEmployeeIdentify employee personas and target audiencesCandidate profiles
Lead or ProspectCandidateBuild awareness and attract candidates with right profilesCandidate sourcing tools
Product or ServiceThe company as an Employer or a particular jobDescribe and communicate the benefits for the target audiencesManaging and publishing job openings
SellingHiringNurture leads and move them along recruitment steps with outstanding candidate experienceApplicant Tracking system
Company BrandEmployer BrandPromote employer brand, increase awareness and deliver the messageTools and tips for brand promotion, career portal
MarketeerRecruitment MarketeerPromoting the company as an employer and attract top talentsAn entire set of recruitment marketing tools
Lead databaseTalent poolsFill with potential candidates for future useStorage for creating and managing multiple talent pools for different audiences
Company web siteCareer SiteDesign it to promote employer brand and jobs online, collect candidates and communicate with themAbility to design site structure, pages, feed the job listings and generate application forms
Product PageJob PageDesign in the way to attract potential candidates and convert them into applicantsTemplates and tools for designing high-converting job pages
Social Media MarketingSocial Media Recruitment MarketingPromote employer brand and jobs in social mediaIntegrating and publishing to the most popular social media
Customer TestimonialsEmployee InterviewsUse as trustful social proof for the candidatesPublishing employee interviews on career site
Customer Email MarketingCandidate Email MarketingEngage the audience and promote your jobsAutomated email marketing, templates, and tracking
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)SEO for JobsMake your job pages optimized for search engines and increase visitorsTools and techniques to optimize your job pages for Google jobs and other search engines
Content MarketingContent Marketing for Talent AcquisitionPublish articles, videos, and other content to promote your employer brandTools for content authoring and promotion

With an older history, traditional marketing has gathered a lot of knowledge, practices and tips. The goal of recruitment marketing is to adopt them for their own needs. At Talenteria we do the same for recruitment marketing software – adopt the best practices of marketing software for recruitment and talent acquisition.


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