Understanding Employee Recruitment with a Hiring Policy Sample

How to Create and Use a Recruitment Policy

Hiring is tough - especially these days. With Covid having taken a toll on so many industries, many people are looking to be hired again. There are a lot of people to choose from, but you just cannot go around picking people all willy-nilly.

In most cases, you as a recruiter are bound by your company’s recruitment policy. They are a set of guidelines you have to follow in order to hire someone. And in this article, we will be taking a look at how they work and what goes into making one.

What Is the Purpose of a Company's Recruitment Policy?

Every company needs a recruitment policy to create its identity as an entity. Every company’s hiring process has a different flavor. Sure, you can model yours after another company if you really like it, but make sure to stand out and be different. You need to craft a unique identity for your company, your own flavor of hiring. That is what will set you apart in your endeavors. 

This is the purpose of the hiring policy. It is a written document providing guidelines for the hiring of new talent. It lists every step in the chain of recruitment, starting from the creation of an opening all the way to making the final offer. We will take a detailed look at the elements of the policy in the following section.

Policy Elements

There are many moving parts to a recruitment policy. The main elements are:

  • A step-by-step guide going through the entire recruitment process from start to finish
  • Policies regarding posting job openings internally before rechecking out to the masses
  • The process for creating a job description
  • The many stages of employee selection and what each entails
  • How to provide feedback based on interviews conducted
  • What to do in case of revoked offers

It seems simple enough, but a lot of thought goes into making one. Let us illustrate properly with a hiring policy sample:

Hiring Policy Sample

Policy Brief

The purpose of ABC Company’s recruitment policy is to set in stone the way we at ABC handle new hires. The main purpose of this recruitment policy is to guide Human Resources professionals by laying down our guidelines. ABC is devoted to providing equality of opportunity for all candidates and nurtures a diverse and safe work environment for all employees.


ABC Company’s recruitment policy applies to each and every employee involved in the recruiting and hiring spheres.


  • The managers of every department are responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently staffed; if they are not, they are to bring this up to the HR department.
  • The HR department has the sole responsibility of practicing our hiring and staffing procedures.
  • The supervisor of the position, the manager for that department, and the HR representative need to come to a decision about hiring by themselves.

Our Recruitment Process:

  • The creation of a job opening, followed by defining the job description and creating an advertisement for said opening
  • Promotion of the job opening on various job boards, social media, and on the careers page of the ABC Company website
  • Sharing the news of the opening among existing employees and asking for referrals
  • Deciding on the specifics of the selection criteria and time frame
  • Screening of resumes from applications as well as the company’s applicant tracking system
  • Taking stock of passive candidates
  • Shortlisting of worthy applications
  • Running background checks to make sure those being called are of sound character
  • Selection of the most suitable candidates following interviews and evaluation
  • Extending an official offer

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