Recruitment Marketing Platform

Promote your company and jobs as a professional marketer with powerful recruitment marketing software.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

Recruitment marketing is a set of activities and campaigns aimed to attract candidates with relevant skills and profiles. It is focused on building awareness, promoting employer brand, advertising open jobs, and engaging candidates.

Marketing and recruitment go hand-in-hand—so, can a modern company achieve its hiring goals without at least some aspects of recruitment marketing? You tell us: can a company sell its products and services with any marketing? Recruiting works the same way—it must be promoted to reach top talent.

As a global recruitment marketing system, Talenteria drives the following recruitment marketing strategies:

Employer Brand Promotion

Most candidates consider company reputation as the key aspect of their future employment decision. Thus, a crucial element of the recruitment process is to showcase your employer brand to prove yourself as the right place to work.
Highlight your employer value proposition (EVP), core values, and benefits
Describe your teams, workplaces and culture
Deliver messages from your company’s management
Back up your words with employee testimonials and references

Building Career Sites

In our “online” world, career sites are one of the best recruitment marketing tools, allowing HR managers to achieve their hiring goals effectively.
Launch and manage a new career site without IT support
Use built-in templates and samples designed with best practices
Create SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly pages

Job Advertising

You can use our hiring software to broadcast your job openings automatically and reach more potential candidates.
Publish open positions on career sites
Create recruitment microsites for featured jobs
Produce engaging, media-rich job descriptions and landing pages

Candidate Engagement

Convert career site visitors into candidates in your pipeline.
Create job landing pages that are supported by company information from your career site
Streamline the online application process with mobile-optimized application forms
Deliver an outstanding candidate experience with a Candidate Self-Service portal

Email Marketing

Establish an effective communication with the passive job seekers and convert them into a powerful candidate channel.
Build multiple talent pools for future hiring
Subscribe to job updates
Send automated email notifications about new job openings

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