Facebook recruiting: How to Create a Strategy That Brings Results

Facebook Recruiting: Definition, Advantages, and Strategies

With the ever-growing prevalence of mobile devices and social media, many recruiters have begun to hunt specialists on social media platforms. In this article, we will elaborate on Facebook recruiting and its benefits. M­oreover, you will learn how to find and hire talents on Facebook successfully.

Facebook Recruiting: What Is It?

Facebook recruiting refers to finding potential employees via the leading social network around the globe Facebook. Due to the platform's vast popularity, it has become among the top social recruiting practices for HR professionals worldwide. The platform allows you to build an HR brand, attract candidates, convert them to applicants, and welcome them to the team in the future.

Four Advantages of Facebook Recruiting

With the evolved rules of recruitment practices, HR specialists have to go social. The rise of tech-savvy millennials who are regularly using social media makes businesses turn to LinkedIn and Facebook recruitment practices. a

Although LinkedIn is a professional social network, many recruiters source potential employees on Facebook. Four main benefits drive the popularity of the latter:

1. Access to Millions of Candidates

Facebook is the largest social network globally, with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users as of Q2 2020. To compare, LinkedIn boasted only 706 million members during the same period. With this in mind, Facebook allows HR specialists to reach far more potential candidates.

Users spend about an hour on Facebook daily, according to the Recode data published in 2018. This means that you have a higher chance of engaging with people every day. Hence, you are not only promoting your HR brand but also enhancing brand awareness among potential candidates.

2. Low Recruiting Costs

Recruiting is rather costly, especially if you decide to use job boards. The average price is as follows:

  • Monster – The lowest subscription is $249/month for one position
  • Indeed – CPC (Cost-per-Click) ranges from $0.10 to $5
  • CareerBuilder - $375/month for one position
  • Dice - $395/month for one position

The ultimate advantage of Facebook recruiting is that it can be free: you can find and attract potential employees literally for $0. How so? If you have an established community of followers, all you need is to post a job offer, and it will spread around the social network. Due to re-shares, going beyond your pool of subscribers is more than possible.

3. High Referral Rates

Facebook shows the true power of re-shares. You can easily promote your post around the social network, and it will reach millions of people. If users find your offer attractive, they may share it with their friends, who will do the same in turn.

However, there is another useful tool – tagging. The principle is simple: you tag people, and all their friends will automatically see your post. For this, you don't even need to rely on post sharing.

4. Quick Reach

It usually takes quite a long time to source potential candidates who have relevant skills and extensive portfolios. Typically, you will need 1-2 weeks to form a pool of prospects to choose from.

Facebook Ads allow you to precisely target the audience and reach it as soon as you need. Basically, the more actively you create and promote posts, the faster you reach the people.

With all of this in mind, there is no doubt that Facebook recruiting is highly efficient and lucrative.

How to Carry Out Recruiting on Facebook

Hiring on Facebook is not difficult. However, if you are new to social recruiting, you may struggle with the process. In this step-by-step guide for a Facebook recruiter, you will learn the basics and main tools.

Set up a Business Profile

The first step to Facebook recruiting is setting up a business profile. It will serve as your company's face on social media and can help you establish a community. Typically, businesses opt to create just one profile. However, it can be wise to consider creating a separate account for recruiting practices in case you hire very often.

Go Branded

The business page should be a resemblance to your corporate culture, core values, and mission. It will not only help you to present your company in an authentic way but also to make your profile stand out from others.

Branded elements include your logo and color scheme. You can also spread the word about your culture by:

  • Sharing photos of your office and from corporate events
  • Posting information about your values and principles
  • Letting your top-performers and senior managers speak up about the company and its achievements.

With this data, potential candidates can instantly get to know your company better and realize whether they fit the culture or not. Therefore, you increase the chance of attracting like-minded people who will organically complement your team.

Create a Job Offering

A stunning job offering is more than just a post informing the followers about a vacant position. It must be compiled with marketing principles in mind because, basically, you are selling your employer brand on the labor market. There are two aspects to mind:


With the short attention span of users and an abundance of information on the web, you need to make your text catchy. It should be content-rich to grab the users' eyes. It's better to keep the text to a minimum and be precise. Include only essential data like:

  • The position name
  • Salary (can be expressed in the form of a range)
  • Additional perks (for example, well-being programs)

All the extra information can be included in links that will lead users to your career builder website or application form. By the way, if you want some help with mobile-optimization and branding, Talenteria can help you.

At this point, you also need to develop a CTA (or Call-To-Action). Facebook allows you to set up specially-designed CTA buttons. The text can vary depending on your needs, from "Learn more" to "Apply now."


Any marketer knows that it's thoughtless to make a post without a visual component. Photos attract people's attention and reduce the chance of your post being neglected. You can add some photos with your team, type a title on a branded background, or merely choose stock photos.

The last option is the least successful as it's always better to fine-tune your corporate vibes. Once again, this is a sure way to make your offer stand out from the crowd: there is still a chance that other companies may use the same images.

Enhance the Reach

Now that you are done with the post, and it's already on your page, you need to promote it.

Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads is a powerful promotional tool that allows you to reach millions of Facebook users beyond your community. Your post is transformed into an advertisement that spreads around the social network and is shown to a highly-targeted audience.

Although they are paid, they allow you to reach specific people. You can specify:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Types of preferred Facebook pages
  • Interests
  • Job titles

After that, Facebook will automatically start the campaign and will charge you depending on your chosen payment method.

The tool is very effective because you can monitor ad analytics. It depicts the main metrics and allows to make data-based adjustments.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is another way to enhance your reach. Unlike the ads, the method is completely free. To promote your job offering around Facebook Groups, you need to:

  • Find suitable groups: you can use a search to find themed communities that unite professionals or specialize in job offerings.
  • Post your offer: sometimes, you need to become a member of the community (if it's closed) and follow the prescribed guidelines before creating a post.

You can reach as many groups as possible. The more active you are, the higher the reach is. Hence you will get more applicants and have a better chance of finding a perfect match.

Basically, those are the main principles for you to consider when opting for Facebook recruiting. Before wrapping up, we will cover the typical mistakes HR specialists make when hiring on social media:

  • Manual candidate sourcing: You are likely to spend hours and even days on manual candidate searches. Even if you do this wisely, you are still excluding passive candidates who might consider some attractive offers.
  • Wrong targeting: You can't return your money if you target the wrong audience. Therefore, with inaccurate targeting parameters, you risk wasting the budget on unsuitable candidates.
  • Neglecting the power of re-sharing: Re-sharing allows you to expand your reach for free. Many brands forget to stimulate activity and, therefore, lose dozens of potential candidates.

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