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Recruitment marketing
How to Improve Cooperation at Work

Developing a work climate that encourages coworkers to collaborate to run effectively and achieve its objectives is critical. Unfortunately, this does not happen spontaneously…

Recruitment Marketing
Recruit the People You Need Fast by Optimizing Your Time-to-Hire

Keeping a position empty for a long time can harm your company. Finding the right person to fill a vacant role is HR’s job. Keep reading to learn about time-to-hire and how you can use it.

What Is Time-to-Hire?

Human resources departments…

All About Applicant Tracking Systems
Human Resource’s New Hiring Partner: Applicant Tracking Systems.

With hundreds to thousands of job-seekers encountered from application to hiring time, the recruitment process is tedious and time-consuming. Having an automated system will…

How to Promote Diversity in the Workplace
How to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

The world really is a global village now. The internet has forced us together in a way never before seen. Despite some growing pains, people from different countries are now…

Employee Recognition Programs: Show Your Employees That You Care

Giving your employees monetary compensation isn’t enough to make them feel appreciated or happy in the workplace. If this is what your company does, you’re most likely…